2019 was truly amazing, and we asked everyone onboard for feedback on how to make it even AWESOMER, so we listened!  Below are a couple areas for improvement, and how we solved them!

Rough Seas

We launched WOD on the Waves – The ULTIMATE Fitness Cruise to follow Wodapalooza in Miami, which unfortunately had us sailing the Caribbean in mid-January. As any sailor will tell you, this is not a recipe for the most favorable of seas, and the high seas prevented us from reaching CocoCay, due to its nature as a tender port.

After a long negotiation period, we managed to secure the Celebrity Infinity for mid-April of 2020, which is a recipe for much better seas, warmer weather, and less chances for rain! Plus – see below – there is no longer any risk of missing CocoCay! Plus, we are over a weekend which makes it all the better!


Due to the high seas, we were unable to make it to our intended stop of CocoCay. It hurt everyone – we had tons of fun events planned for you on the island, and a bunch of our stuff was already there waiting for us! No matter – this problem is SOLVED!

Royal Caribbean Inc / Celebrity completed the deepwater dock in CocoCay last year, which means there is no longer any real risk of missing CocoCay. You HAVE to check out our stuff on the all –new CocoCay – it is truly going to be amazing!!!

Workout Sizes

Since 2019 was the first WOD on the Waves, we had no idea what the class and workout demand would be. In some places we guessed right, and in others we guessed wrong! Regardless, if you thought the class sizes were too large – we have your problem SOLVED!!!

WOD on the Waves 2020 features a massive expansion of workout classes, workout styles, workout disciplines, and more coaches! So all of our classes – beginner or advanced – will have the personal coaching attention you want to make gains in your fitness!

Experience Level

Based on your feedback, some classes were too advanced for some, and too basic for others! No worries here – we have this issue SOLVED!!!

WOD on the Waves 2020 – The ULTIMATE Fitness Cruise features classes specifically designed for your skill level!!! Not ready to slam clean and jerks for an hour with a hundred pullups? No problem – we have plenty of yoga, HIIT, running, basic weight training and functional fitness classes available. Looking for something more advanced? We have those too – taught by the fittest athletes in the world!

Drink Packages

Ohhhh we know. We know. Certain restrictions placed upon us in our contract with the prior ship made it impossible for us to offer the typical drink packages one comes to expect on a cruise. Poor form there, but for 2020? Consider it SOLVED!!!

After extensive negotiations with Celebrity, we have now made drink packages on WOD on the Waves a reality. They are priced and handled just as you would normally expect from Celebrity, and they represent a tremendous value! Get on it!

Family Friendliness

While we worked to make the 2019 cruise amazing for everybody, there was a huge demand from families that we didn’t anticipate and our programming needed a bit of a boost. Well for 2020, this is SOLVED!!!

WOD on the Waves 2020 – The ULTIMATE Fitness Cruise has expanded options and entertainment for families – including exclusive kids programming and activities, not to mention the all new CocoCay is perfect for kids of all ages. This is fun for the whole family!

Not only did we do all this, WOD on the Waves 2020 – The ULTIMATE Fitness Cruise also features:

  • Improved and enhanced onboard internet (featuring direct satellite as opposed to relay)
  • Improved class registration and regulation (no more cheating to get into classes!!!)
  • Massive expansion of educational seminars and learning opportunities
  • More theme parties that last longer (no inward facing rooms this time!)
  • Water stations throughout the workout and fitness areas on deck and below
  • Streamlined onloading and offloading of passengers and luggage
  • More WOD on the Waves clothing and gear available online and onboard
  • Enhanced fitness and non-fitness activies on Nassau

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